I just read an article by Kara Jesella about ‘vegan strip clubs’, of all things. Honestly, who’d a thunk? Peta has long been at the forefront of the sex sells debate and I have to admit, I was beginning to question their methods. Being a not-at-all-skinny vegan, Peta has always made me feel left out of their perfect vegan view of the world.

And I have to admit, the arguments for using strip clubs to promote veganism is a topic that’s interesting. Unfortunately, Ms. Jesella’s article doesn’t go into exactly how they do that. I can’t imagine any of the male patrons caring whether or not the girls on stage are vegan. Maybe the clubs sell calendars of the performers, with pinups or something including interviews about their diets and ethics. Yeah, surely that’s it. Oh wait, I’ll bet their menus tout the benefits of veganism.

Even if they did, then what? Are we kidding ourselves that strip club patrons are gonna see the light? Or is it truly possible?

And in the case of Casa Diablo Gentlemen’s Club in Portland, Oregon, aren’t they preaching to the converted anyway since Portland is teaming with radical vegans?

Here’s a link to the article: