If you ever find yourself heading south from Chicago on the Dan Ryan (I-90), and you’re about to pass the 75th street exit, you’re just about 5 blocks from one of the absolute BEST vegan restaurants in the city. Soul Food Vegetarian East will certainly hit the spot if you’re hankerin’ for southern style home cookin’. If you’re like me, from a rural area of the country, and you’re missing BBQ, collard greens, and mac ‘n cheese, you won’t be disappointed.

SFVE is part of a global chain owned and operated by The African Hebrew Israelites. Of course, I can only speak for the Chicago location but man, it is awesome! My favorite item on the menu is the Jerku Wrap. I don’t know how they get so much flavor in the sauce but it is truly amazing. Oh, and don’t forget the lemon cream pie!

Here’s a link to the parent organization’s site listing of all locations.

And here’s a link to a Yahoo Map of the location.

You really must go but don’t be in a big city hurry. Food like this comes in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Definitely not to be confused with ‘fast food’.