As of an hour ago, it is officially my 45th birthday. And one hour before that, my husband couldn’t wait to give me my present. Which is weird because he NEVER gets excited about gift giving. In fact, he hates shopping for anything outside of the local Dollar Store.

In any event, he’s heard me chatter all week long about the green festival this weekend at the Chicago Navy Pier and all the various sessions I want to attend. Occasionally, I’ll entertain myself by inviting him to go along knowing full well, he’d rather clean the cat litter box.

Additionally, he’s finally accepted that this ‘bento thing’ ain’t goin’ away any time soon and I will continue to borrow his camera at all hours of the day to shoot my bentos.

So, I’m sitting here at my computer, preparing for the festival, and he presents me with a new camera to use at the festival and for my blog!! It’s a Canon PowerShot A580. Nice little size. Not unwieldy when trying to shoot in our insanely dinky kitchen. AND, this is the awesome part, it’s got 8 megapixel images!

Now here’s a funny bit: I’m reading the manual and he impatiently says, “here, I’ll show you how it works”. Evidently, he’s been playing with it for days, the gadget guy that he is.

Here are some photos I just took of the bento I’m taking to the festival in the morning.

Bottom Contents: strawberries, kiwi, cashews and dates stuffed with peanut butter

Top Contents: tomato and kalamata olive skewers, Soy Deli brand hickory flavored tofu and lil’ chunks of Teese Mozzarella

I don’t know what I’ll find at the festival this weekend but you can be sure that if there’s anything worth mentioning, I’ll post it here. Along with photos if they let me.