I know it’s May and it’s supposed to be getting warmer but sometimes the Windy City just doesn’t cooperate. And of course, Friday was the day I tried my first cold bento box. It seemed like a good idea and it was yummy but I wore 2 jackets and a lap blanket at my desk while eating lunch. It’s also taken me a while to settle on bento items that didn’t require reheating at work. Which also means I got to finally use my bento with the questionable red lacquer. I’m not sure how you tell whether older lacquer bentos are safe or even if a bento is old. Anyway, this bento was inspired by Nilmandra’s recent cold soba noodle bento over at Bento Lunch. But I added a home made spicy peanut dipping sauce for the noodles and I tried to make little bit-sized noodle nests for easier eating at work.

Cold soba noodles with Furikake and green onions
Spicy peanut dipping sauce
Salted and peppered tomatoes
Kalamata olives and Teese® brand soy mozzarella (see my review of this awesome cheese here)
Some broccoli thrown in for extra green vitamins