Do you remember that review I did a couple weeks ago about that new awesome vegan cheese, Teese® mozzarella? No? Well, it’s a really good vegan cheese (and I think I’ve just about tried them all) made by the fine and ethical folks at Chicago Soydairy.

On to the point of this post, Ryan Howard, owner of Chicago Soydairy, just informed me that Teese® is now available in two retail stores in Chicago. While it’s not yet noted on the Teese® website, you can get this great tube of awesomeness at:

Green Grocer is fairly new I think. It’s near my office in the Kinzie Corridor.

For those of you too far away, you can still get Teese® online at Vegan Essentials. I’ve heard of Vegan Essentials shipping overseas with great success too.

I really hope that Teese® meets with even more success because, quite frankly, I want to be able to buy it forever. Yeah, I like it that much and cheese (along with milk chocolate) has been the hardest thing to give up.

Now be forewarned, the packaging is still very food service oriented. It comes in a red plastic casing with a very minimalist label. But don’t be fooled, it’s AWESOME! And you get a whole pound for about the same price as some other brands charge for 6 to 8 ounces. Of course, you may end up eating it all in one sitting if you like it as much as I do.


Check out Nina’s recipe for Caprese using Teese® mozzarella.