I received my first order from ReusableBags.com today and it came with a special offer for a FREE ACME Bag with a future order of over $50 and the invitation to pass on this special offer to others.

It’s so cool that ReusableBags.com exists let alone has this really awesome offer. Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit their website and place items in the cart exceeding $50
  2. During checkout, enter the coupon code, FREEACME (case sensitive)
  3. Submit the order and they’ll include a free ACME Bag in your shipment

Now they don’t mention on the coupon card, which ACME Bag is part of the offer and there are more than several on their website. But hey, free is free and if you’re in the market for some of their other items, it’s a good offer.

And their fine print does say, “limit 1 per customer (while supplies last); online orders only; total before shipping must exceed $50”.

They sell many cool environmentally aware products, like the 2 SIGG water bottles I ordered that arrived today. They are awesome! However, I think I’m more excited about them than dear hubby. He’ll drink out of the Chicago river if I let him.