These are the coolest socks ever!

Yeah that’s quite the grandiose statement, eh? Well, that’s just about how I feel about these groovy, recycled and yes, vegan, knee socks I got from Rock’nSocks. For those who don’t remember, Rock’nSocks is a company I saw at the Green Festival in Chicago last month and they make really cool, recycled socks.

Finding groovy socks is a passion of mine because I have wide calves and I don’t like ankle socks. I KNOW there are many women out there with the same issue and it IS really difficult to find socks that fit and that you aren’t embarrassed to wear.

The style that I have and that is pictured above is called Go Team Rasta and I just love them. I also purchased 5 pairs of their solid black over the knee socks and those are really awesome too. They do actually go over the knee, even on me. Although I wear them folded down to a cuff just below the knee.

I highly recommend that you check out the designs at Rock’nSocks. And yes, they are vegan—no animal fibers. If you have questions about a particular sock, just ask the owners. They’re very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about socks, stretch, and how the band width affects the fit. Word has it that their socks will soon be in a retail store in Chicago.

(By the way, those aren’t my legs in the photo.)

Now pardon me while I go buy more socks!