Hubby is taking a 5-hour road trip in the morning to visit his dad this weekend for Father’s Day. So I packed my first Road Trip Bento (a.k.a., Safe To Eat While Driving Bento) for his trip. Key to this feat was: keep it simple, no grease and nothing that can crumble or leak in the lap while driving or mar his shirt before he gets to his parents. The guy has to look spiffy when he arrives.

Another of my goals was that he wouldn’t have to use a napkin for cleanup while driving because I know he won’t pull over to a rest stop to eat lunch. Everything should also be manageable with one hand.

(I do not recommend driving with one hand but I can’t stop him.)

Road Trip Bento Contents

  • TLT burrito, (so simple you’ll laugh that I even wrote it down, see below)
  • 6 steamed and dried asparagus
  • 4 gourmet mini tomatoes, red, yellow, orange and striped purple
  • 2 chunks of chocolate, all crumbs removed

This is his also new bento box BTW. It should be much easier to open in the car than the 2-tier boxes and it won’t leak. It also has an inspiring statement on the cover, “It is so wonderful to be able to maintain your dreams.”

TLT Burrito Instructions (not really a recipe)

  • 1 tortilla, whole wheat was used, large
  • 1 goodly smear of Veganaise® brand mayo
  • 1 large leaf of romaine
  • 3-4 super thin tomato slices
  • 2-3 strips of fake bacon (I used Lightlife® brand Fakin’ Bacon, not fat free but zero cholesterol)

The burrito for my husband was folded to be a rectangle so it would fit in his bento and he could eat it using one hand. The folding instructions below are for this shape.

  1. Smear mayo on the tortilla, almost to the edges.
  2. Make sure the romaine is dry. Use your bento to gauge the length of the romaine and trim the stem end to fit. Center leaf on tortilla.
  3. Lay the tomatoes on the romaine, overlapping to fit the width or length of your bento.
  4. Top with the Fakin’ Bacon.
  5. Fold the top and bottom over, then fold the sides such that it makes a rectangle appropriate to the spot you have for it in your bento. It won’t be a roll so it should fit the shallow Japanese bento boxes easily.

I made my own in a traditional roll-style burrito because my bento box is longer and deeper.

See how easy that is and yes, I feel incredibly silly for writing it down. But we’ve gotten ourselves hooked on these TLTs on knarly wheat bread, I was excited that it occurred to me to try a tortilla. And if it saves one lap from crumbs, leaks and grease, then my mission is accomplished!