This dressing is just a simple brown dressing, nothing fancy so not worth photographing. But it’s efficient and easy to make in the morning when you discover you don’t have any salad dressing left for your bento. And even though it only has three ingredients, you actually get more flavor because hoisen sauce is made from a number of various ingredients and can be quite spunky.

  • Equal parts sesame oil and rice wine vinegar
  • 1/4 as much store-bought hoisen sauce*

*For instance, if you’re using 1/2 cup each of the oil and vinegar, use 1/8 cup of hoisen sauce.

Put all 3 ingredients in a small sealable container and shake to blend or use a whisk. Shaking is more fun in the morning because it wakes you up a lil’ more.

If you like yours with more or less of any of the ingredients, adjust as needed. I didn’t add any soy or salt because the hoisen sauce is well seasoned although Hubby said it could use salt. But he says that about everything. Anyway, if you like a little salt in yours, add dashes of soy until it’s where you like.