My name is Julia and I’m an addict.

Really. I’m not poking fun at addicts. Having grown up with an addict for a parent, I’d never dis’ the addict’s plight. However, addiction comes in various forms. In my case, it’s food, which is not really a substance that people focus on when discussing addiction.

For a food addict, specific food cravings come and go but for now, I really, seriously am addicted to Temptation® ice cream. Especially the chocolate flavor. I’d like to just have that one on a drip feed to my tongue.

This is how bad my addiction has gotten since I discovered that Green Grocer near my office carries a wide variety of Temptation flavors:

My DH just walked through the living room and noticed the 3 spent pints littering the various flat surfaces. His only question was, “Don’t they make that stuff in larger, more economical sizes?” Never mind should I be eating that much in one day or what was causing me to eat that much in one day.

Now lest you think I leave my empties all over the house, I don’t. Just for today. It’s been a stressful week. We just received an estimate on fixing the garage door, residing the house and cleaning the gutters. Couple this with the mortgage payment that’s approaching 40% of our income and that one client who seems to have forgotten the invoices he owes for the entire month of May. This all makes for a stressful household.

DH and I handle stress differently. I eat and he stops. He definitely got the better end of that deal.

Now as a bona fide snarky vegan, I’d be eating Temptation anyway because, well, MY GOD, it’s wonderful—truly. But I should be able to portion it out. Control the cravings so I only eat it once a week, on Fridays or something sensible. Or take out my frustrations on a peach or an apple.

Yeah, right!

So, since 5-gallon drums of Temptation aren’t available (thank god), they wouldn’t fit in my fridge anyway, and I have no self-control, I’m on my way to trying to budget for bigger pants. Wait till DH finds out!