Trying to satisfy my craving for chocolate flavored Temptation® ice cream with the mint chocolate chip flavor is just not working. I think it’s because I’m just not a big fan of mint with my chocolate although I know a lot of folks love this combo. And I must admit, qualitywise, it’s a really good rendition of mint chocolate chip. BTW, this is authentic mint so there’s no fluorescent green color or anything. Just pure flavor.

The Green Grocer was completely out of chocolate and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors tonight, so I compromised. I thought that if I doused the mint ice cream in a sweet chocolate hot syrup and topped it all with peanuts, I would notice the mint less.


But for those of you who adore mint chocolate chip ice cream and require a vegan version, this is it. The Chicago Soydairy makes another winner.


Now, pardon me while I grab a straw and go for the giant bowl of leftover chocolate syrup….