It occurred to me this morning as I ate my morning oatmeal, that my method of making the raisins juicier may be helpful to someone, anyone. It’s actually short, not really worth a post but what the hey. If you like fatter raisins versus the dried chewy ones in your oatmeal, there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Put your raisins in your bowl first, then your 2-minute oatmeal, THEN your water. Poke the raisins to make sure they’re under the water before you microwave them. They’ll be juicier.
  2. (ALTERNATIVE FOR LUSHES LIKE ME) Even better, soak them in 1/2 c. of hot rum overnight (doesn’t have to stay hot all night, nuke it, enter raisins and let sit). In the morning, drain and add them to your oatmeal after it’s cooked for spiked surprises in every bite. They will be their very fattest and most decadent. Of course, you could use apple juice instead of the rum … naw, never mind. Use the rum.

Other ingredients I use to punch up my morning quick oats are:

  • pecans, whole or chopped
  • maple syrup, the real stuff
  • dried cranberries instead of raisins if I can afford it that week
  • dash of cinnamon or double dashes depending on your appreciation for cinnamon

Don’t add the nuts or syrup during the microwave stage. Only the dried fruit works well nuked. Save any left over rum for spiking your morning orange juice or coffee. Yeah!!