DH and I were discussing whether we thought that folks who don’t know basic facts about our federal government should be allowed to vote. This discussion came about because of all the ignorance displayed during the current race for the White House and some of the hilarious street interviews Jay Leno has had with ostensibly average Americans (several of whom did not know which president is on the one dollar bill nor could identify Judge Ginsburg’s photo).

Of course, we then had to quiz ourselves to see what we thought we actually knew. Below are the questions we posed and the answers will be in tomorrow’s post.

Keep in mind, this is stuff you should have learned in high school government class and the goal is to be able to answer these without looking them up (no cheating). Be honest and tomorrow, I’ll share with you our own results.

SnarkyVegan’s 5-Point Political Quiz

  1. How many members are there in the Senate?
  2. How many in the House of Representatives?
  3. Why are there two houses in congress (afore mentioned Senate and House of Representatives) and name at least one difference between them.
  4. If the president and the vice president are incapacitated, who is next in line?
  5. How many judges are on the Supreme Court?

Tune in tomorrow for the answers.