Just in case you haven’t checked Wikipedia for the answers to yesterday’s political quiz, here you go.

  1. There are two Senators per state. (I got this one right when DH quizzed me.)
  2. This isn’t as neat a number and is supposed to be based on districts which are based on population. The total number of voting Representatives is fixed at 435 but there are a total number of Representatives to equal no more than one for every 30,000 constituents. This means that there are some non-voting members and if you want more details on that, I’d recommend reading the Wikipedia entry which is pretty thorough. (I knew the premise of this one during my hubby’s quiz but I didn’t know the actual count or that there are non-voting members.)
  3. Senators represent their state and Representatives represent the people in their district. Senators can consent to judicial appointments and treaties while Representatives have the power to impeach and elect the President during electoral college deadlocks. (Neither hubby nor I had any idea what the difference between the two houses was. Guess I should have listened better in government class.)
  4. I got this one right away, the Speaker of the House is 3rd to the throne.
  5. Honestly, I should have know the number of judges but for some reason, maybe it’s because it’s October, I thought it was a coven, like witches. Maybe it’s the black flowing robes. HA! No really, the correct number is nine. I MUST HAVE been thinking of the 13 courts of appeals. Yeah, that’s it. Interestingly, Congress has a history of changing the number of Supreme Court justices with the last change to nine taking place in 1869.

Oh, and to those dolts on Jay Leno, George Washington is on the dollar bill and he was the first president. Honestly, I thought everyone knew that.

So there you have it. I guess you could say I got 2.5 correct since I didn’t know the whole answer to number 2. Pretty lame eh?