Just an FYI for squirrel fans and animal lovers in general, DH’s 2008 xmas song is just about ready for prime time. He’s wrapping up background vocals and final mix over the next few days. Hopefully, this means the song will go out via email later this week, barely under the wire. He’s cutting it kinda close this year do to a new recording method he’s trying out. That and he broke a few pickin’ nails and had to wait for them to grow back to complete the guitar track.

If you want to be on the email list to receive immediate notice of the new song, send me your email address and then add Peter Martz, peter at mondovox dot com to your address book. This will lessen the likelyhood of the email notice going into your junk folder.

Also make sure your computer can play MP3s. On the Mac, it just does so I don’t really know what you’d need to do on the PC side.

If you want to hear his past songs, go here: http://www.mondovox.com/squirrel07/index.html

We’ll likely change the URL to something more permanant so we don’t have to keep changing it in future years, maybe something like …/squirrel_xmas_songs or some such thing. That will be confirmed in the email after the 2008 song is posted.

And for rabid squirrel nuts, he also wrote a song for the city of Olney, Illinois. They’ve adopted it as their official city song and it’s about their white squirrels. It can be found here: http://www.mondovox.com/Olney/

Cheers and merry stuff and all…