I’ve now bought 3 logs of Teese cheddar and have gone through two of them. The first was used for quicky mac ‘n teese, you read about this in round 1. The second was completely used for grilled teese sandwiches and it wasn’t bad at all. MUCH better than that square yellow brick you get at Whole Paycheck.

I also tried many variations and several methods to melt the Teese. Here’s a synopsis:

  1. Traditional Skillet-Grilled Teese Cheddar Sandwich: Melt Earth Balance in skillet. THINLY slice Teese and place on bread in skillet. Top with diced green onions and cover. Heat over low as long as it takes to melt the Teese. This was iffy on my part because I got impatient and turned the heat up to medium. BAD IDEA if you don’t like blackened toast. Go easy on it. When it’s starting to melt, top with other slice of bread and turn over.
  2. Traditional Skillet-Grilled Teese Cheddar and Peanut Butter Sandwich: YEAH! I was goin’ for serious goo and got it. Earth Balance in the skillet, Teese on the bread, peanut butter on the other slice and in the pan it goes. This is actually a hold over from when I was a kid. Our neighbor lady used to serve grilled cheese and peanut butter sandwiches to us and it was sooooo yummy. Evidently my memory enhanced the flavors a tad, it wasn’t as good now that I’m an adult.
  3. Lower-Fat Melted Teese Cheddar Sandwich: To cut back on fat, I also tried toasting the bread, then adding THINLY sliced Teese cheddar along with green onions and THINLY sliced tomato then nuking it in the nukebox for 15 to 30 seconds. Warning: the thinner the slices, the less time in the nukebox. Watch through the window and don’t take your eyes off it. Once it starts to melt, it runs quickly.
  4. Higher-Fat Melted Teese Cheddar Sandwich: Ditto with number 3 but added a smear of mayo on other slice of bread and a strip of Fakin’ Bacon. Yummy but higher in fat.

All in all, Teese is pretty darned good for grilled cheese sandwiches done either in the skillet or toasted and nuked. It’s best if you get innovative with your other toppings. Really good with green onions, tomato and Fakin’ Bacon.

Sorry, no photos. As usual, I waited until I was starving and then ate them right away. NOT all at once mind you!

Now, what to do with that third log….