Okay, maybe not magically. But it was amazing in the amount and variety. I had to leave early in order to refrain from a round of decadent seconds that would make my ass even larger.

The Vegan Chicago Meetup group gets together at the beginning of each month and this month’s location was at Timber Lanes Bowling Alley in Wrigleyville, Chicago. Timber Lanes is a small, family-owned, 8-lane spot, complete with a bar. The atmosphere is that of a smaller, old-time alley where everyone knows you. In fact, there were more than a few regulars hangin’ at the bar during our group meetup.

Also—and this is news to me—there is a big deal about hand-scoring. I’ve never known any different, growing up in a small farm town in southern Indiana. So I’m not really sure how it would be done any other way. Maybe it’s all digital now‚ that would be awful. Maybe there are some who just can’t count. Like those lazy kids graduating today who’ve never had to count in their head because they always used their cell phone or some other digital device. I’ve become such the old bitch, always wining about these damned youngsters today who can’t count, use only passive communication tools (like email), don’t know terms like kerning, leading and tracking, can’t sketch…oh, wait, now I’m getting confused with work (and all those neophytes applying for design jobs). Anyway, here’s a shot of Timber Lanes lanes:


Timber Lanes is the best if you want some place cheap to have fun and without the yuppie pretense. Although my personal preference is for duckpin bowling, it’s faster and more exciting I think. But I have yet to find a duckpin venue in Chicago.

On to the food, everyone pretty much knocked themselves out on this one. Sorry I don’t have pictures but I couldn’t take my camera because it wouldn’t fit in my pockets which were full of meter coins, hearing aid batteries, cell phone, cash, ID, insurance card, credit card, business cards that no one wanted, two neatly folded kleenex, one hair barrette and two clips, and lip balm, and my multi-pocketed vest won’t fasten around my butt anymore so…no way to carry the camera too…so, no photos.

Anyway, it was one giant potluck with 100 vegans expected. I don’t know how many actually showed but it was packed. To the point where I was feelin’ a wee claustrophobic. But the food was awesome. There were even a couple of raw vegan items on the tables.

Now, wouldn’t it be something if we found a place that could host all 1,262 members? NOT that everyone would show up but what if?

Note to Karissa: I don’t have your email address and I was going to email you some links to raw vegan info. Email me if you get this or just click on the links to raw food sites in the side bar.—Julia