Just wanted to go on record as saying I think I’ve found the best balsamic vinegar available, at a reasonable price, in my neck of the woods. Yep, the best. This stuff is addictive and amazing. It’s actually much more concentrated than anything I’ve bought at the grocery and it seems sweeter too. This is the now the only vinegar I use on my salads when I’m doing just plain oil and vinegar. And this is the only vinegar that makes oil and vinegar yummy in my book.

I know—why post about vinegar? Well, if you’ve shopped for balsamic vinegar, you know that the field is wide pricewise and even wider qualitywise. There are $5 bottles and there are $50 bottles. Since I can’t afford the $50 bottle, the brand I’m going to tell you about is a good middle ground.

The store is The Olive Mill and they also sell online if you don’t want to drive to Geneva. I’m in love with their Traditional Balsamic Vinegar although they do have a myriad of flavored balsamics and oils. I have tried the pomegranate flavor but I prefer the traditional. They also have many other products.

Aside from the Geneva location, they also have stores in Naperville, Illinois and Saugatuck, Michigan. And since I’m about out of the vinegar, I’m going to have to make the drive somewhere. This stuff is good enough to drink as a non-alcoholic digestif after dinner.


Disclosure: I am in no way associated, related to or affiliated with the proprietors of The Olive Mill. In fact, I’ve never been there. We’ve been lucky enough to receive their products as Christmas gifts from a friend every year. That’s how I discovered them.