I think everyone pretty much knows that this weekend is the annual Green Festival in Chicago. So rather than rehash what’s already been said, I thought I’d make a handy list of the must see vegan vendors at this event. You can handle the 150 speakers yourself but there are just too many vendors (350+) to sort through unless you plan on spending the night there.

Here’s what I mean, just look at this crowd (not for the claustrophobic):

To navigate this in search of vegan fare, you must have zenlike patience or a list like mine.

Julia’s vegan faves at the Green Festival:

  • Chicago Soy Dairy (hopefully, they’ll bring Teese® cheese samples and their new marshmallows, but if not, the ice cream is the best)
  • CobraHead LLC (these folks make a very uniquely designed garden weeding tool, I know, not vegan but could be used by a vegan, yeah, that’s it)
  • Ornj Bags (made from salvaged construction fencing, no kidding, they’re cool too)
  • Divine Chocolates
  • Fungi Perfecti LLC (yep, you can now grow your own fungus, on purpose)
  • Futters Nut Butters
  • iGo Car Sharing
  • Soul Vegetarian Restaurant (get a side of mac ‘n cheese here but if they’ve got the jerku wrap, get that)
  • The Chicago Diner (if they have the Radical Rueben at the show, THAT’s what you must get, trust me-feel free to skip their mac ‘n cheese in favor of the mac ‘n cheese at Soul Vegetarian)
  • Upton’s Naturals, these guys make THE best spiced seitan on the market, period. I swear.

So don’t worry, there’s safe food here. Because I couldn’t check out the vendors on their website last year because it WAS DOWN at the time of the festival (see my only complaint in the next paragraph), I made a bento lunch but found I didn’t need it. Gorge yourself on Temptations® ice cream and eat soul food at Soul Vegetarian East. Then pick up Divine Chocolates for dessert. Here’s my review of 2008’s festival.

One complaint I have about the Chicago Green Festival: Right before the show, their website goes down. Did last year too. Maybe they’re on a server that backs up at midnight and is otherwise unavailable.

Now go stuff yourself until you can’t fit on the Metra!