This is really a note to myself: seeds I must remember to save for next year:

  • Morris Heading Collards (heirloom): if I can get it to bolt
  • Italian Heirloom Kale (heirloom): if I can get it to bolt
  • Black Prince Tomato (heirloom)
  • Black Krim Tomato (heirloom)
  • Persimmon Tomato (heirloom)
  • Principe Borghese Tomato
  • Italian Costoluto Genovese Tomato (heirloom)
  • Brandywine Tomato (heirloom)
  • Marvel Stripe Tomato (heirloom)
  • Long Keeper Tomato: maybe I’ll save these, depends on how they taste
  • Keepsake Tomato: ditto
  • Tomato Pepper (heirloom)
  • Cherry pepper from Clover’s: mild spicy
  • black nasturtiums: if they’ll bloom in time.
  • Scarlett runner beans
  • Bronze fennel

If anyone is interested in participating in a seed saver’s party at my place, leave me a note. Maybe around Halloween after we’ve all had time to harvest and dry seeds we like and want to share? If there are enough interested folks, we can do this and it would work. Won’t work with just one or two peeps tho.