Finally getting around to posting iPhone shots of my seedlings. Started most last month, some this month. Not showing you all of them because frankly, onion seedlings are boring and slow. Ditto with thyme and oregano. Must be the SLOWEST damn growers ever!

In any event, I’ve got 15 varieties of tomatoes so far, planted 3 seeds each to ensure I have at least 1 plant each. Most have sprouted. The San Marzanos seem to be having issues as only one is up. So I’ve also started some experiments with seeds folded neatly in wet paper towels in zip locks on top of the lights for warmth. We’ll see if they do anything. Still trying to get those Ripley’s Believe it or Not seeds to get a move on.

tomato seedlings
I usually put the lights barely brushing the tips of my seedlings. NOT the 2 inches away that most books tell you and I swear, I get much stockier tomato plants as a result.

Surprisingly, a Stupice from 1994 has sprouted. I threw some of the seeds I had from way back in some coir just to see what happened. That’s the only one responding.

I’m also planting some unusual things I’ve never grown before. The squirrels will probably fight me for them but I really wanted to grow some berries. I’ve already got strawberry plants in the garden and am adding huckleberry and ground cherries this year. The ground cherries are VERY slow growing seedlings but the hucks are taking right off.

huckelberry seedlings and raab
In the foreground you can see the flat growth habit of the huckleberry seedlings. BIG leaves but short and squat. In the back are my raab starts.

Also found out that Chicago’s ganster bunnies like to eat blueberry bushes in the winter. So mine are doen to nubs from 18″ tall when I planted them in the Fall. I’m so bummed that I didn’t notice they were doing this. I caught the St. John’s Word in time to save about half of it by wrapping in burlap and they were not eating the blueberries then. So my guess is that they prefer St. John’s Wort but will move onto blueberry bushes if need be. Buggers.

I’m also using brightly colored veggies as ornamentals in the front flower beds. It’s part to full shade so I’ll be pretty limited on what I can incorporate there. Am thinking greens only since fruiting takes so much sun energy.

swiss chard seedlings
I love swiss chard but DH hates it so I’m sprouting it as an ornamental for the front yard this year. Idiot dog owners allow their dogs to crap in my front yard and flower beds so I can’t really use the beds for growing food.

Would love to have some of those amazingly huge dark cabbages at the #CFGS in my front flower beds but I don’t think there’d be enough sun for heads to develop.

I also have sunflower seedlings that I started a month too soon and they are embarrassingly large. If I posted shots of those, y’all’d chastise me for starting them too soon. I know, I’ve learned my lesson and won’t start the rest until end of March.