I’m a HUGE fan of Kiss my Aster’s garden blog at Horticulture Magazine and the woman in general. She pretty much rocks when it comes to originality and living on the bleeding creative edge of gardening. You won’t find anything normal or staid in her garden—only the most unique and unusual ideas born from being a huge fan of vintage housewares, clothing and toys. Her approach to gardening, therefore, has a fun, colorful, vintage charm (as evidence of her creativity, I submit to you these two shots of vintage finds in her garden: Termos Planters and Toy Horse in Cutting Garden). You really should check her out if you’re in need of an unusual garden design.

And did I mention she collects squirrels for her bathroom? Yep, DH would be right at home in there.

Anyway, to the point of this post: she got this tattoo, see. And I was so amazed AND mesmerized by the intensity of the inks when I saw it at the #CFGS that I just had to try to capture it in pixels.


As you can see, amazing! And even more amazing IRL. And honestly, who else do you know who would get a tattoo of flaming Felco® pruning shears?

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Inspiration for the above tattoo: Felco® pruners, the pruner preferred by many gardeners!