I have in my grubby little paws (and they are grubby with all the Spring gardening this month), 2 coupons for free pints of Coconut Bliss Ice Cream!! Yes, you can be rolling in cold cold bliss made lovingly by Luna & Larry.

All you have to do to be entered to win a coupon is:

  1. Leave a comment to this post (not any other post, THIS one) with a recipe or idea for a recipe using one of the Coconut Bliss flavors found on their website.
  2. Leave your comment by Monday, June 14 at 7:00 pm Central Standard Time.

I will select 2 winners at random using a random number generator. Each winner will receive 1 coupon for a FREE pint of Coconut Bliss. Make sure you read the Legal Dogma below BEFORE you enter, K?

First Recipe

To get the ball rolling, I am contributing the first recipe. This is a good one and timely because it will help cool you down after a long day of gardening in the humid Spring we’ve been having.

Detroit-Style Ginger Rum Float

  • 1 or 2 scoops of Coconut Bliss Pineapple Coconut Ice cream
  • 1 ounce of rum
  • 12 ounces of Vernors Ginger Ale
  • Maraschino cherries on a fancy drink pick for your garnish

Place ice cream in tall float glass. Add rum then slooooowly add ginger ale. Vernors is potent stuff so go slow. If you don’t use Vernors Brand ginger ale, I cannot be held accountable for the results. Other ginger ales are pussies compared to the stout nature of Vernors. Indeed, Vernors is the only real ginger ale, IMHO!

Legal Dogma

Winners will be notified by email so be sure to include your address during submission or I’ll have to go to the next random number.

I’ll mail your coupon to you via US Post. It’s up to you to find a retail store in your neck of the woods where you can redeem your coupon. As for online retailers, I don’t really know if it’s possible to use the coupons online so if that’s your goal, it’s up to you to research that and figure it out. I am not responsible for sending you a pint of ice cream. Really, the coupon’s it d00ds.

Oh, and you’ll have to pay your own taxes. While the pint is free, retailers will generally still charge you sales tax.

These little pints usually retail for over $5 at small mom and pop grocers or Whole Paycheck Foods.

Good luck!!