Well it’s high time somebody did this so here goes:

I am launching The Pink Flamingo Project! today, right now. The primary goal is to create a forum for folks to share their best Pink Flamingo photos to inspire gardeners everywhere. Yes, we’re talking about the plastic feathered friends, NOT the movie. Enter your best shot by 9pm on September 17th AND I’ll use a random number generator to select a winner of a full set of 8 Pink Flamingo Swizzle Sticks. A must have for any garden party!

How it works:

Upload your best shots to the public Flickr Group: The Pink Flamingo Project! by 9pm Central time, Sept. 17th 2010.

Make sure the photos are yours. Any photos found to be stolen, borrowed or otherwise breaking copyright laws will be disqualified and a flock of Pink Flamingos will crap on your favorite hydrangeas.

Enter as many times as you like, just make sure all the photos are different, no dupes. The point of The Pink Flamingo Project! is to share ideas on incorporating these time-honored, classic creatures into the garden.

Sometime between 9:01pm and noon Sept. 18th, I will select a number using a random number generator and that will determine the winner. No need to upload your mailing address for the public to see but you should ensure you can be contacted somehow via email.


We finally have a winner of The Pink Flamingo Project! Using a random number generator and assigning numbers to photos, this photo is the winner of The Pink Flamingo Project!!! Congratulations to Monica of Ann Arbor, Michigan! DM me about getting you the winning prize: a pack of 8 Pink Flamingo swizzle sticks!