I love love love Halloween and cackled with delight when I saw Glamos’ skeleton topiary form at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago this year. But you’ll need to start earlier than I did if you want some creepy topiaries and seek out the skeleton, witch and black cat wire forms to use as your framework. By carefully training your ivy, you can show enough of the wire form to be both interesting and ghoulish. The wire forms are made by Glamos Wire Products right here in the USA. They’re the makers of all those multi-colored tomato cages everyone raves about (well, except for snooty gardeners ;-)

Skeleton, witch, cat topiary forms (click photos for close ups)

My favorite form is the skeleton of course! I put him in a pot with ivy and am attempting to train the ivy upward.
The witch is cool too though, she even has a broom.
The black cat is insanely cute. Though it is short so you’ll have to train a short ivy.
The ivy is slowly making it’s way up the witch’s dress.
Get your ivy started by gently winding it around the wire frame, securing it with thread or floss as needed. I’d use thread or floss that matches the wire paint.
Glamos has lots of wire products to choose from including this inverted tomato cage.
This is the orange cat wire form with the brightly colored tomato cages in the background. They have LOTS to choose from.

Recycled Painted Wire Frames

These are a few of the earth-toned recycled paint tomato cages. Yes, recycled paint, made in the USA.

They’ve also got some earth-tone colored wire frames made from recycled paint. That’s the paint over-spray from wire painting: they salvage it, blend it and use it again.

If you can’t find the skeleton, witch or cat at your local garden center, contact Glamos via their website to find a retailer.