If you’re in a warm enough zone, having black petunias in your porch planters can create just the right Gothic look that’s interesting yet not too threatening. If I didn’t live in zone 5, you bet I’d be planting these with some bony looking Dusty Miller!

Black Velvet and Phantom petunias from Ball Horticulture

Black Velvet is reportedly the darkest of all petunias and it really does look black. Photo Copyright Ball Horticulture Company
Phantom petunias are black and sort of a greenish lunar yellow. Perfect for creepy Halloween container arrangements. Photo Copyright Ball Horticulture Company
Here’s how black the Black Velvet petunias looked under the harsh overhead lights at the Independent Garden Center Show in August. Overall, an incredibly black color though the centers had a very slight tinge of deep purple.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a zone without frost on Halloween, dress up your porch with these pretty black petunias from Ball Horticulture. They compliment pumpkins, gourds and corn stalks nicely.