It’s been two years since I participated in VeganMoFo and I’m feeling a little pent up. I harvested a boatload of squash from my community garden this year so I’ve got a good stash to start from. And nothing says Fall like squash, roots, casseroles and baked goods. I’ll probably throw in a salad or two to ensure we get our leafy greens.

Topics I’m going to try to tackle for VeganMoFo:

  • casseroles, LOTs of casseroles!
  • pecan pies
  • pot pies
  • roasted roots
  • stuffed squash
  • squash pilaf
  • squash pie
  • squash scones
  • apple crisp
  • apple upside-down cake
  • curried squash soup
  • squash gnocchi
  • shepard’s pie
  • hoagies
  • stinky salad
  • zombie brains
  • My own pistachio pesto recipe
  • Thanksgiving Succotash
  • maybe a cheesecake or two
  • lots of cookies
  • restaurant and product reviews too!

So, let’s get started!