One of my favorite places for fast vegan food is Noodles & Company. Until today I thought they only had one vegan item on the menu but the cheerful cashier chick handed me this handy card that outlines several vegan options. I was flattered they put it in print, even if the first sentence claims that there “…is no commonly accepted definition for vegan,….”  Pshaw!

Still, I may have to actually branch out and try something other than my usual Indonesian Peanut Saute with tofu and extra broccoli. Maybe those Japanese Pan Noodles will be next and I won’t have to wear so much of this:

Yes, that is correct, the Indonesian Peanut Saute is SOOOO spicy I always put on an extra layer of Eco-Lips® Bee Free® lip balm before eating and after every other bite. Yep.

Notice how I choose a lip balm flavor that complements the meal? Yeah, lemon-lime lip balm is perfect with a peanut saute that even serves lime wedges on the site. When was the last time you got a garnish with your fast food, I ask you stud puppets?

Just look at that dish!

  • Rice noodles
  • VERY fresh—not wimpy—bean sprouts
  • carrots
  • extra broccoli, although every time I say extra it seems like they don’t really take me seriously, really folks, pile on the broccoli, I won’t mind!
  • cabbage
  • crispy fried tofu
  • and cilantro

Perhaps the spiciness is made more so by the extra sprinkling of this secret, reddish, powdery spice blend:

Noodles & Company also sells beer and wine so I always get a Corona (vegan!) to go with my noodles. Unless I’m having them for lunch of course because you just aren’t supposed to do that in America, right?