When I want pancakes, there’s only ONE recipe I trust! Really, just one. Page 31 of Isa Moskowitz’s Vegan with a Vengeance. You’ve really got to get this book. It’s my most dog-eared, written-in, stained, bookmarked book.


So anyway, back to the pancakes. Isa’s basic recipe is great because you can do anything with it. I almost always add a bunch of cinnamon and top with chopped pecans and maple syrup like I did on Thanksgiving Day:

See? No eggs needed!! And they’re still fat and don’t fall apart.

I’ve also used this recipe to create:

  • blueberry pancakes by just adding frozen blueberries
  • raisin pancakes
  • chocolate chip pancakes
  • I even made my own milk with oatmeal in a blender  when I was desperate for pancakes and had no soy milk. It still worked!

Anyway, get the book. If not for page 31, then for page 115 baked cajun fries, page 50 corn muffins, or page 172 green Thai curry. Now go stuff yourself!