Need a last minute nacho platter for the big game? Something to impress the guys? Something to hoard and not share with anyone?

This is perhaps my favorite use of tater tots so far! Yeah, I think this tops the tater tot casserole. Although I’m not sure it could beat the tater tot pizzas that are making the rounds right now. Be sure you check out those too:

Snarky Tater Tot Nachos

This is so easy and all it takes are several ready-made items and you don’t really need to measure this:

  • tater tots, read the label to ensure they’re vegan
  • corn chips (I used Guiltless Gourmet’s® baked chips for the irony)
  • salsa (I used Frontera® brand)
  • queso sauce (my preferred brand is from Food for Lovers®)
  • and shredded vegan cheddar for something really cheesy (Daiya® or Teese®)

There are just a few tricks because tater tots are frozen and if the chips are heated for the same duration as the tots, well, that would be a problem. Also, I was in a hurry and wanted to use the microwave rather than the oven. So, here’s what I did:

  1. Spread enough tots on a plate such that they are not touching each other and nuke until partially thawed.
  2. Sprinkle on some shredded vegan cheddar, like Daiya, and nuke until each tot is a melty little mess.
  3. Plate up some chips, spoon each melty tot onto the chips fairly evenly, drizzle on some vegan queso sauce like Food for Lovers and nuke some more. You’re going to have to eyeball your nukebox because all are different and you’ll need less time if you don’t fill the plate. But don’t nuke too long since you do have chips on the plate. They’ll get weird.
  4. When it’s heated, and RIGHT BEFORE SERVING, spoon on some salsa. I used Frontera salsa with corn and used a fork so I didn’t have so much liquid on the chips. Liquid is the enemy of crispy nachos.
  5. Serve with beer!

You could probably bake this but I didn’t and therefore don’t have instructions for that. Even so, I’d imagine you’d have to bake the tots before assembling everything since they are frozen.

Alternates I tried that were awesome:

I did replace the vegan cheese with home made guacomole and it was amazing. Hard to go wrong with avocados and queso sauce.

Just remember to do a couple extra laps around the sofa to wear this one off, mk?