(UPDATE: see new discount code at end of post below)

You guys know how I am about lip balm; I have enough tubes for every jacket, jeans, and purse I own. And in every flavor imaginable.

So when Melisser of VeganCuts asked if I’d be interested in trying and reviewing a brand I hadn’t heard of, OF COURSE I said “shit yeah!” Seriously, that means I can buy more purses, right?!

Lip Fix is brought to us by the same folks behind the popular dry hair shampoo at Hair Fix, Inc. Melisser had them send all three of their current line-up: spearmint, pomegranate, and an unflavored version. Well, anyone who knows me knows I’m a very picky lip balm junky. There are so many reasons a balm can fail.

Here’s basically what I look for in a good balm:

  • must not cause white heads or plug pores around the lip edge
  • must smell pleasant and appropriate to the flavor
  • must taste pleasant if there’s a flavor
  • unflavored must be, well, unflavored, completely
  • must last a decent amount of time no matter how yummy
  • must be smooth without crumbling
  • and must be vegan

To date, I’ve tried a lot of the vegan brands you can find at Whole Foods and ended up ditching them because they plugged pores, caused white heads, or tasted despicable. I thought I’d have to put up with crappy flavors to get something that simply functioned. Then I discovered decent balms like Hurraw!

But now I’m thrilled that I have yet another option. I’ve worn the Lip Fix balms now for over a week and no white heads, staying power is great (Lip Fix is my new nighttime balm for this reason alone), and I love the pomegranate and unflavored versions. I’m not a big fan of mint to begin with so the spearmint for me is meh. But it works for nighttime because it’s strong enough to assure me my sinuses are doin’ fine ;-P Weird huh?

But back to the other flavors. The unflavored really is unflavored! So many balms fail on this point by leaving a chemical or suffocating…oh, for lack of a better description…bathroom aura. Lip Fix unflavored doesn’t do that.

And the pomegranate is very pleasant and not overpowering. I think it’s my favorite flavor of the three but the unflavored is one I’ll rely on when I don’t want a balm that interferes with spicy foods while protecting my lips. You know how that goes; put on flavored lip balm so you can eat the hottest curry without burning the delicate skin on your lips. You usually get some odd combo like bubblegum green curry and that just doesn’t work.

I did not compare Lip Fix’s ingredients to Hurraw! but the formulas are definitely different enough to keep both around. Lip Fix lasts a lot longer but comes in fewer flavors. It’s also very creamy without crumbling at the edge of the tube. You know how some balms crumble around the edge of the tube when you push them out, leaving you with chunks of balm on your lips? Yeah, Lip Fix doesn’t do that.

If you’re looking for long-lasting, critter friendly, and nice flavors, I’d definitely recommend them. Except maybe for the spearmint, unless you’re just a fresh, minty type person. Then work it grrl!

UPDATE: After posting last night, VeganCuts informed me that they have a 10% off discount code for you guys, good until Oct 31, 22012:

“BLOGFRIEND -Save an additional 10% off your order, doesn’t apply to shipping, expires Oct 31/12”

Disclosure: Yes, they did send the three flavors to me to try, for free. No, they are not paying me and I get nothing from VeganCuts for this review.