Why did she keep eating these huge, tasty wraps for lunch? Was she so hard up for a decent date that she was taking it out on her food? Evie was beginning to feel stuck in a rut and even co-workers were starting to joke about the shape of her food in relation to her love life. Still, today’s wrap with leftover Smokey Kale Hummus was much tastier than Mr. Smokin’ Hot from last night’s wine tasting.

Indeed, it was the most bland hook-up she could recall since college. While the silent type didn’t really bother her, she hated it when she had to do all the work. And he just lay there, looking hot of course but still, he was completely uninterested in anything except his iPhone. She couldn’t wait to kick him out.

“What is it with guys?” she thought, “Relationships are like a good recipe where all ingredients play a role. Relying on one ingredient to carry the load just doesn’t work.”

Kim, who Evie referred to as Alpha Intern, slithered into the lunchroom right in the middle of a big bite. “Well, I guess somebody didn’t get enough dinner last night. That’s the biggest wrap I’ve seen you eat yet! I don’t suppose you’d give that up to go with the Bettys to the Bone Yard after work?”

Evie stared at her wrap, “Well, that’s a hard choice but…ok, can we cut out early?”

50 shades of kale, smokey hummus wrap with veggies

Incorporating kale into things like hummus is a very easy way to get your greens on in your lunch box. Easy prep, yummy food.

Smokey Wrap with Veggies

  • 1 large whole wheat tortilla
  • 1 schmear of the smokey kale dip
  • layer of greens, whatever kind you prefer but should be not too stiff
  • 3 or 4 slices of avocado
  • slices of carrots (use prepared baby carrots to save time)
  1. Warm the tortilla slightly in the microwave or dry skillet then spread the smokey kale dip on 2/3 of the tortilla. You’re going to roll it toward to side without dip.
  2. Layer the lettuce and veggies on the spread of dip.
  3. Roll gently. If you use a whole wheat tortilla like me, it might be too stiff to tuck the ends and that’s ok. Just roll and slice in two sections.

Serving suggestions: A side of salted fresh tomatoes or avocado is always good. But avoid onions if you’re prowling around after work later.