Evie and Kim sneaked out to The Juice Joint mid-afternoon when the sales team wouldn’t notice. Mitch was keeping them busy with a lecture about brevity. As was typical of those guys, their new sale pitches were all suffering from bulletitis: 64 slides with 20 bullets each.  Maybe Spanx’ idea of hiring Mitch to get them in line was actually a good plan after all.

“So, I’ve been patient all morning AND through lunch. Spill it,” Kim whispered across the corner table.

Evie was sipping her Gingerkale, trying to remember what she and Mitch had discussed—or did—last night before she opened that third bottle of Hahn Cabernet. While watching Mitch orchestrate the sales team in the morning sessions, she was starting to remember most of it. His cool calm, confident swagger, and strong jawline were bringing it all back. At least the essence of the evening.

“Mitch wants us to keep seeing each other but of course, no one at work can know. Because he’s in management, he signed a special clause in his contract about fraternization,” she smirked, rolling her eyes at the new word for her vocabulary. “That’s why he didn’t call after our first date. He had his interview the next day, found out it was at my company, and he wanted to see how it played out first.”

With eyes obediently open, Kim nodded her to continue.

“So…we talked for a while about how much ass he’d be kicking in sales—oh, Kim you wouldn’t believe what a mess that group is—anyway, he’s there to clean house,” Evie clamped her hands over her mouth, immediately knowing she’d said too much. That was something no one was to know yet.

She decided the best thing was to move on quickly to the smutty parts, “and then, I poured more wine…we must have had a good time because my bed was still made this morning, the restraints were still attached to the dining table, and my bra was missing.”

Unsure if the diversion worked, Evie glanced at Kim’s still shell-shocked expression. No. It didn’t.

“Cleaning house?” Kim repeated quietly to herself.

A little shot of kale juice in your gingerale provides quite the eerie glow. Perfect for a Halloween party.


  • 1 can chilled spritzer
  • 2 ounces ginger syrup (get a recipe for ginger simple syrup in my kale martini post)
  • 1 ounce kale juice

Pour the spritzer first then stir in the ginger syrup. Last, add the kale juice.