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Vegan MoFo: Emergency Breakfast Survival Bento

It's been a long day and I remembered late this evening that I have a 7:00 am meeting tomorrow morning at a restaurant that appears to only serve eggs for breakfast. UGH! What to do? Well, scrounge around the kitchen... Continue Reading →

Fermented Vegan Odiferous Cheese and a Raw Bento Lunch

For those who think I've already gone too far with"this vegan thing", HA, I'm now trying to go raw vegan! Yep, and it's opened up a whole new world of vegan recipes and ingredients I never knew existed. The coolest... Continue Reading →

Black Rice Pudding

This is sooo yummy. Excellent comfort food and you could easily substitute white rice for the black that I've used here. Just to clarify, I did not use the black wild rice that's long and skinny. I picked up a... Continue Reading →

Quick Bento Lunch with Black Bean Dip

Ok, this is a quickie, no garnishes and poor photography. Would really benefit from a spring onion or chive garnish on the dip itself. Made the black bean dip really fast this morning. Contents: Black bean dip, recipe below Green... Continue Reading →

VeganMoFo: Carrot Slaw No. 2: Exceedingly Simple With Chickpeas

If you're looking for a carrot slaw that also packs protein, here you go: Carrot Slaw No. 2 2 c. shredded carrots 1 c. drained chickpeas (a.k.a. garbanzo beans) 1/4 c. vegan mayo 1 t. celery seeds salt and pepper... Continue Reading →

VeganMoFo: Quinoa Onigiri Appetizers

I bet you never thought you'd see those three words together! Let me say up front that this is not home made but I think you’ll be happy with the easy and quick concept. This would be a great last-minute... Continue Reading →

VeganMoFo: Where’s all the vegan Halloween candy???

DH and I went to the dollar store yesterday in an attempt to scoop up cheap Halloween goodies but alas! Very few Halloween themed candies were vegan. All the gummy brains, worms, eyeballs and other gross body parts had gelatin.... Continue Reading →

Desperately seeking squirrel cutter for bentos!

I have been dying to do something with a squirrel for my DH's bento lunch. You see, he's a TOTAL SQUIRREL FANATIC. Yep, so much so that the ladies in the park whisper behind his back, 'That's the squirrelman." This... Continue Reading →

Best vegan chocolate ice cream ever!

Well, there you have it, game over folks! Don't even try to best the guys over at Chicago Soydairy. I've read about their Temptations® brand soy ice cream for a while and finally found a local grocer selling several flavors... Continue Reading →

Early Riser Bento Enthusiasts Only!

Just when I thought my own bento efforts were getting, um, better, I discover a website dedicated to the ultra fine art of character bentos. Also known as kyaraben bentos. The site is not available in English (except for the... Continue Reading →

Measure twice, cut once lesson for bentos!

You know what they say, ‘measure twice, cut once’. Well, I got the bright idea of trying to fit corn on the cob in our bentos by cutting it into chunks to fit end-up because I assumed that the diameter... Continue Reading →

Desperately Late Bentos

We both got a late start today because hubby had a coffee incident in the kitchen this morning (the pot developed a plug such that hot coffee and grounds overflowed volcano-style all over the counter, nearby stove, floor, wall and... Continue Reading →

Safe(r) To Eat While Driving Bento

Hubby is taking a 5-hour road trip in the morning to visit his dad this weekend for Father’s Day. So I packed my first Road Trip Bento (a.k.a., Safe To Eat While Driving Bento) for his trip. Key to this... Continue Reading →

Sufferin’ Succotash in my bento!

I made some AWESOME succotash over the weekend for use in our bentos. Also made a colorful stir fry but I didn’t like it enough to write down the recipe. So, back to the succotash...there are actually two versions here.... Continue Reading →

Sufferin’ Succotash

When building my stash for bento lunches, I try to work in large quantities. Some of which I’ll freeze and some I’ll use that week. I’ve been wanting to experiment with succotash for some time. The only problem was I’m... Continue Reading →

Caprese Relish

I love Insalata Caprese but find it challenging to fit efficiently into our bento boxes for lunch. So I created this relish-style version using the same ingredients and can now fit it in any nook or cranny in the bento.... Continue Reading →

Gummi Feet for Him

Today’s bentos both have my home made pasta salad (recipe here) on a bed of chopped romaine in the lower tier with fruits/veggies in the second tier. I'm still on this red food trend. It's hard to go wrong with... Continue Reading →

Green Festival Findings

Well, I don’t know what I was so worried about. The Green Festival was full of vegan food options and I really didn’t need to pack my own bento lunch. Two of the best vegan restaurants in Chicago were there,... Continue Reading →

Birthday Present!!

As of an hour ago, it is officially my 45th birthday. And one hour before that, my husband couldn't wait to give me my present. Which is weird because he NEVER gets excited about gift giving. In fact, he hates... Continue Reading →

Chilly Bento

I know it's May and it's supposed to be getting warmer but sometimes the Windy City just doesn't cooperate. And of course, Friday was the day I tried my first cold bento box. It seemed like a good idea and... Continue Reading →

Getting caught up on bento lunch postings.

Yes, I am way behind. So far behind, I haven't started uploading my bento lunches yet. Well, this first post will get me caught up by covering over a week's worth of lunches. These posts should also answer two questions:... Continue Reading →

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