If you’re going to Portland Oregon and have time to grab lunch, AND you crave old American classics, you have to try Hungry Tiger Too. Thursday I had lunch with three groovy gals: Fran Costigan @goodcakesfran, JL Fields @jlgoesvegan, and Kristen Davenport @inmypies.

We totally pigged out on all the good stuff. Although it would be hard to imagine anything on the menu that sucked :-)

Yours truly ordered a Bloody Marry (menu spelling), sweet potato fries, and biscuits and gravy. All three are items I’ve not yet been wowed by at any restaurant.


I hadn’t found a robust vegan gravy until Hungry Tiger. Seriously, their gravy has a lot of herbs, making it nice and rich.


These sweet potato fries set the standard for all sweet potato fries. Thin, crisp and yummy. They are soooo not soggy, you won’t need to use a spoon.


I highly recommend making time to visit Hungry Tiger Too on your next trip to Portland. We were content kittens when they got done with us.

I think everyone pretty much knows that this weekend is the annual Green Festival in Chicago. So rather than rehash what’s already been said, I thought I’d make a handy list of the must see vegan vendors at this event. You can handle the 150 speakers yourself but there are just too many vendors (350+) to sort through unless you plan on spending the night there.

Here’s what I mean, just look at this crowd (not for the claustrophobic):

Exhibit Hall 4

To navigate this in search of vegan fare, you must have zenlike patience or a list like mine.

Julia’s vegan faves at the Green Festival:

  • Chicago Soy Dairy (hopefully, they’ll bring Teese® cheese samples and their new marshmallows, but if not, the ice cream is the best)
  • CobraHead LLC (these folks make a very uniquely designed garden weeding tool, I know, not vegan but could be used by a vegan, yeah, that’s it)
  • Ornj Bags (made from salvaged construction fencing, no kidding, they’re cool too)
  • Divine Chocolates
  • Fungi Perfecti LLC (yep, you can now grow your own fungus, on purpose)
  • Futters Nut Butters
  • iGo Car Sharing
  • Soul Vegetarian Restaurant (get a side of mac ‘n cheese here but if they’ve got the jerku wrap, get that)
  • The Chicago Diner (if they have the Radical Rueben at the show, THAT’s what you must get, trust me-feel free to skip their mac ‘n cheese in favor of the mac ‘n cheese at Soul Vegetarian)
  • Upton’s Naturals, these guys make THE best spiced seitan on the market, period. I swear.

So don’t worry, there’s safe food here. Because I couldn’t check out the vendors on their website last year because it WAS DOWN at the time of the festival (see my only complaint in the next paragraph), I made a bento lunch but found I didn’t need it. Gorge yourself on Temptations® ice cream and eat soul food at Soul Vegetarian East. Then pick up Divine Chocolates for dessert. Here’s my review of 2008’s festival.

One complaint I have about the Chicago Green Festival: Right before the show, their website goes down. Did last year too. Maybe they’re on a server that backs up at midnight and is otherwise unavailable.

Now go stuff yourself until you can’t fit on the Metra!