Super close up of the amazing @kissmyaster’s Flaming Felcos!

I'm a HUGE fan of Kiss my Aster's garden blog at Horticulture Magazine and the woman in general. She pretty much rocks when it comes to originality and living on the bleeding creative edge of gardening. You won't find anything... Continue Reading →

Here’s to a green 2010, and by that I mean seedlings OR the economy!

Finally getting around to posting iPhone shots of my seedlings. Started most last month, some this month. Not showing you all of them because frankly, onion seedlings are boring and slow. Ditto with thyme and oregano. Must be the SLOWEST... Continue Reading →

Photo essay of Chicago Flower and Garden Show 2010

I'm going to go ahead and upload a few photos but all 47 will have to wait until I have more time. You'll be able to click on each photo to enlarge if you want to see more detail. Alice... Continue Reading →

Seeds I’m Bringing to the #shadyswap on Sunday.

Ok, I finally got my list together. Here they are: Stowell's Corn, 2 packs of 40 seeds each cuz you need enough for good pollination, Baker Creek 2009. Acorn squash, Table Queen, 2 packs of 9 seeds each, supposed to... Continue Reading →

Snarkyvegan’s Holiday Gift Guide

I'm sure this won't be the end of my holiday gift list, I'll add more as they occur to me or as the sales are announced. For your favorite gardener: Ethel® Gloves has launched a Bamboo Glove in time for... Continue Reading →

Saving for a rainy day? Let’s hope for more sun next year.

This is really a note to myself: seeds I must remember to save for next year: Morris Heading Collards (heirloom): if I can get it to bolt Italian Heirloom Kale (heirloom): if I can get it to bolt Black Prince... Continue Reading →

The Big Green Beast

It's been over a month since my last confession post, and much has happened: tilled corner of back yard for garden stripped 12 layers of paint from front porch and repainted helped launch the Forest Park Community Garden planted my... Continue Reading →

Progress. In reverse.

Below are shots of a large part of the back yard showing progress during the month of June, most recent at the top so you don't have to wait. You may recall, we had to eliminate a giant weed forest... Continue Reading →

Double, double till and trouble.

I'm going to make this short on words and mostly pics because I'm actually, short of words right now. Knees aching, back aching, zits on my forehead from wearing a hat two days in a row, dirt under my nails... Continue Reading →

Just when there seems to be a glimmer of light…

...something else happens, as in, MORE ANTS! But first, let's focus on the positive, because I need to. Both huge deck planters are finally up and secure and the 'first portion' of the rotting wood on the deck has been repaired.... Continue Reading →

And yet, STILL, visions of veggies dance in my head despite everything.

This weekend was suppose to be the big one: the one we attach the awesome huge planters DH made to the perimeter of the deck. Two huge ass planters: one 8 foot x 12 inch x 12 inch one 12... Continue Reading →

Update on gardening and deck.

I'm so excited about what DH has done to the deck. He completely trashed the old plastic lattice and built a new privacy wall from scratch. It looks so much more modern. (Here are the before shots.) I'm showing you... Continue Reading →

Update: Gardening with a vengeance, sort of.

I know, I'm long overdue on an update of the gardening initiative. In a nutshell, I have lots of seedlings ready for planting, 2 plots in Naperville that were under water until last week and I'm already tired of driving... Continue Reading →

This vegan’s attempt to eat ‘off the food grid’.

Yep, this year, I'm back to my old ways and preparing to garden with a vengeance. My goal? To grow and store all the veggies I'll need to survive until Spring of 2010 without shopping at Whole Paycheck. Save money,... Continue Reading →

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