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Hail damages Garfield Park Conservatory to the tune of $5 million.

It's truly unbelievable. The worst damage in the history of this 105-year-old American institution. While there has been hail damage in the past, it only ever amounted to a few panes of glass. This is totally different. DONATIONS They need... Continue Reading →

OOOO, yummy nummy, get me some Pringles now!

Honestly, what is the world coming to when potato chips aren't 100% potatoes! Evidently, Pringles® brand chips are only 42% potato which exempts them from England's VAT tax. One interesting argument that P&G used to further their goal of having... Continue Reading →

Great Deal For Free Shopping Bag From

I received my first order from today and it came with a special offer for a FREE ACME Bag with a future order of over $50 and the invitation to pass on this special offer to others. It's so... Continue Reading →

Green Festival Findings

Well, I don’t know what I was so worried about. The Green Festival was full of vegan food options and I really didn’t need to pack my own bento lunch. Two of the best vegan restaurants in Chicago were there,... Continue Reading →

Teese® mozzarella now available in Chicago-area stores!

Do you remember that review I did a couple weeks ago about that new awesome vegan cheese, Teese® mozzarella? No? Well, it's a really good vegan cheese (and I think I've just about tried them all) made by the fine... Continue Reading →

Ichiban Kan Online Now Open!

In case you've been living in a bento box and haven't heard the news: Ichiban Kan's online store is now open! Yep, the famous Japanese dollar store from the West Coast is online. And not a minute too soon. I... Continue Reading →

Finally!!! A vegan melty cheese!

Let's face it, vegan cheese largely sucks. There are a few gems out there but they're still flawed in some way. While one may actually resemble the skunkiness of a blue cheese, it doesn't melt. Another may have a nice... Continue Reading →

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