Restaurant Reviews

Restaurant Review: Karyn’s on Green (4 beans out of 5)

When @JLgoesVegan came to Chicago yesterday and asked if anyone wanted to go to dinner at Karyn's on Green, I jumped at the chance. See, I have a hubby who doesn't like to eat out and so I don't really... Continue Reading →

VidaVegan Con: Thursday lunch at Hungry Tiger Too was insanely awesome!

If you're going to Portland Oregon and have time to grab lunch, AND you crave old American classics, you have to try Hungry Tiger Too. Thursday I had lunch with three groovy gals: Fran Costigan @goodcakesfran, JL Fields @jlgoesvegan, and... Continue Reading →

Vegan MoFo: (Review) Vegan Fast Food Indonesian Peanut Noodle Saute

One of my favorite places for fast vegan food is Noodles & Company. Until today I thought they only had one vegan item on the menu but the cheerful cashier chick handed me this handy card that outlines several vegan... Continue Reading →

Vegan MoFo: Fabulous Korean Buffet at Notorious Dragonlady Lounge

Most vegans in Chicago now know about Sue's Thursday night vegan buffets at her Dragonlady Lounge, or at least they've heard of them. Having been to the buffet twice on Thursday and once this weekend for the Vegan Chicago Meetup,... Continue Reading →

Belated Review of the Delisi’s Vegan Cheese Smackdown

Loooong overdue (yeah yeah, so I've been busy, what with clients and starting seeds for Spring and holidays and all, jeeze, give a girl a break ;-), herein is my review and observations from the Delisi Vegan Cheese Smackdown in... Continue Reading →

Ooey gooey melty cheese deep-dish and vegan Chicago-style pizza at Delisi’s is really really awesome!

When you walk in the door, Delisi’s Pizzeria and Pub looks like any other neighborhood joint with TV blaring the game at the bar, regulars bellied up with beer and food, a friendly doggie greeter at the door and the... Continue Reading →

Best Vegan Soul Food Ever!

I just got back from my first vegan meetup here in Chicago. For those who don't know, lists several vegan groups that meet for lunches or brunches. The Chicago vegan group meets monthly and this month, we met at... Continue Reading →

Green Festival Findings

Well, I don’t know what I was so worried about. The Green Festival was full of vegan food options and I really didn’t need to pack my own bento lunch. Two of the best vegan restaurants in Chicago were there,... Continue Reading →

Vegan soul food way up north in Chicago.

If you ever find yourself heading south from Chicago on the Dan Ryan (I-90), and you're about to pass the 75th street exit, you're just about 5 blocks from one of the absolute BEST vegan restaurants in the city. Soul... Continue Reading →

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