Functional Art for the Garden.

Last week, I attended the Independent Garden Center show in Chicago hoping to find 3 – 5 cool new products to review for 2011. I thought I had everything I needed when I left Thursday to stand in line for... Continue Reading →

Share a recipe idea and win a coupon for ice cream!

I have in my grubby little paws (and they are grubby with all the Spring gardening this month), 2 coupons for free pints of Coconut Bliss Ice Cream!! Yes, you can be rolling in cold cold bliss made lovingly by... Continue Reading →

Snarkyvegan’s Holiday Gift Guide

I'm sure this won't be the end of my holiday gift list, I'll add more as they occur to me or as the sales are announced. For your favorite gardener: Ethel® Gloves has launched a Bamboo Glove in time for... Continue Reading →

Quick Bento Lunch with Black Bean Dip

Ok, this is a quickie, no garnishes and poor photography. Would really benefit from a spring onion or chive garnish on the dip itself. Made the black bean dip really fast this morning. Contents: Black bean dip, recipe below Green... Continue Reading →

VeganMoFo: Recycling burlap coffee bags.

Last week I posted instructions for making reusable shopping bags by recycling old T-shirts. This week, I want to tell you about ReJavanate, a project from Renovos that sells reusable bags from recycled burlap coffee bags. This is truly a... Continue Reading →

VeganMoFo: Where’s all the vegan Halloween candy???

DH and I went to the dollar store yesterday in an attempt to scoop up cheap Halloween goodies but alas! Very few Halloween themed candies were vegan. All the gummy brains, worms, eyeballs and other gross body parts had gelatin.... Continue Reading →

Mint chocolate chip vs. pure chocolate

Trying to satisfy my craving for chocolate flavored Temptation® ice cream with the mint chocolate chip flavor is just not working. I think it's because I'm just not a big fan of mint with my chocolate although I know a... Continue Reading →

Best vegan chocolate ice cream ever!

Well, there you have it, game over folks! Don't even try to best the guys over at Chicago Soydairy. I've read about their Temptations® brand soy ice cream for a while and finally found a local grocer selling several flavors... Continue Reading →

The Best Socks in the World!

These are the coolest socks ever! Yeah that's quite the grandiose statement, eh? Well, that's just about how I feel about these groovy, recycled and yes, vegan, knee socks I got from Rock'nSocks. For those who don't remember, Rock'nSocks is... Continue Reading →

Great Deal For Free Shopping Bag From

I received my first order from today and it came with a special offer for a FREE ACME Bag with a future order of over $50 and the invitation to pass on this special offer to others. It's so... Continue Reading →

Green Festival Findings

Well, I don’t know what I was so worried about. The Green Festival was full of vegan food options and I really didn’t need to pack my own bento lunch. Two of the best vegan restaurants in Chicago were there,... Continue Reading →

Teese® mozzarella now available in Chicago-area stores!

Do you remember that review I did a couple weeks ago about that new awesome vegan cheese, Teese® mozzarella? No? Well, it's a really good vegan cheese (and I think I've just about tried them all) made by the fine... Continue Reading →

Ichiban Kan Online Now Open!

In case you've been living in a bento box and haven't heard the news: Ichiban Kan's online store is now open! Yep, the famous Japanese dollar store from the West Coast is online. And not a minute too soon. I... Continue Reading →

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