Post 1 for #VeganMofo: Quick breakfast bowls.

My VeganMofo theme this year is, "Hold my beer..." Now before you get all excited, my theme is not about beer. No, when people say, "hold my beer", they generally mean to prove something that you think is impossible. What... Continue Reading →

VidaVegan Con: Thursday lunch at Hungry Tiger Too was insanely awesome!

If you're going to Portland Oregon and have time to grab lunch, AND you crave old American classics, you have to try Hungry Tiger Too. Thursday I had lunch with three groovy gals: Fran Costigan @goodcakesfran, JL Fields @jlgoesvegan, and... Continue Reading →

If you were cornbread, what type would you be?

DH and I were having a discussion about our preferred type of cornbread—sweet or not. Suffice it to say, this discussion escalated into the relevance of personality types in making such a choice. WHICH of course, made me wonder if... Continue Reading →

OMG I won! I really won something!!

fortheloveofguava has bestowed upon my blog, a Butterfly Award!! Finally, all this danged fussing and worrying about typos and waking up in the middle of the night wondering if that t. should have been a T. has paid off! Somebody... Continue Reading →

Free to good home, celery salt, jumbo containers.

Please read for how to get one: I have 5 of these, left over from a client photoshoot. They've not been opened, still have their seals under the lids. They are LARGE! And heavy! Each container weighs 34 ounces. This... Continue Reading →

Political Quiz Answers!

Just in case you haven't checked Wikipedia for the answers to yesterday's political quiz, here you go. There are two Senators per state. (I got this one right when DH quizzed me.) This isn't as neat a number and is... Continue Reading →

5-Point Political Quiz

DH and I were discussing whether we thought that folks who don't know basic facts about our federal government should be allowed to vote. This discussion came about because of all the ignorance displayed during the current race for the... Continue Reading →

Testing Twitterfeed for this blog.

Has anyone else used Twitterfeed to reach more like-minded folks via their blogs? Apparently I'm late to the game and this has been around for a while. So please forgive me while I try this out and hopefully, learn how... Continue Reading →

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