Well, the time has come my friends, to speak of a couple things:

Rule 1: Finally had to turn on the moderation for comments due to spam and trolls, sorry folks.

Rule 1: (revised) This is a vegan food blog. Comments describing the abuse, exploitation, or consuming of animals will not be tolerated. There are plenty of other places trolls can go to pick a fight. I make the rules here and trolls will be blocked.

Rule 2: Stoopid government, well, if I review something and fail to mention whether or not it was given to me to be reviewed, remind me in the comments. Omissions are not intentional. My reviews are about half and half. Sometimes, someone in a PR firm will ask to send me something. Often I refuse because I’ve already tried said item and didn’t care for it or maybe a specific ingredient (like stevia) is on my all-time-hate-it-will-not-eat-it-list. Sometimes I take it upon myself to review something that I really loved or felt strongly about. And yes, I am a Blendtec affiliate but so far the only time I’ve made money on that is when I bought my own Twister Jar.

Rule 3: If you’re a troll just trying to pick a fight with a nearby vegan, see Rule 1.

Rule 4: Some of my posts included vegan product reviews. If you’re thinking you’ll be able to promote any non-vegan competing product in the comments of a clearly vegan product review, you are mistaken. My readers expect a relatively safe haven herein. I am not going to allow anyone to upset them. So, in conclusion, your comment will not be approved for publication.