broccolize: v., meaning the action of a brassica growing a head of broccoli

hurlesome: adj., describes something that promotes vomiting, hurling, barfing

terrorarium: n., a terrarium containing a frightening scene

thwack: v., what a cat does with their tail when they’re annoyed

veganic: adj., a term used to describe vegan organic growing methods that don’t use animal or chemical ingredients in fertilizers

2 Responses to “Snarky Garden Glossary”

  1. Addendum–

    Thwack: v., 1) sound cat’s tail when it thwaps you in face in the middle of the night when you are asleep in bed. 2) louder sound knife makes when it hits chopping block after being forced through a very hard winter squash.

    1. Julia Moran Martz Says:

      oh those are really good! Do you mind if I add them to the list?

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