Snarky BBQ Tater Tot Pizza!

It doesn't get much better than this. Except maybe for those Tater Tot Nachos I posted a few days ago. Yeah, those are good too ;-} This tater tot pizza is my contribution to the recent tater tot pizza craze... Continue Reading →

Belated Review of the Delisi’s Vegan Cheese Smackdown

Loooong overdue (yeah yeah, so I've been busy, what with clients and starting seeds for Spring and holidays and all, jeeze, give a girl a break ;-), herein is my review and observations from the Delisi Vegan Cheese Smackdown in... Continue Reading →

Ooey gooey melty cheese deep-dish and vegan Chicago-style pizza at Delisi’s is really really awesome!

When you walk in the door, Delisi’s Pizzeria and Pub looks like any other neighborhood joint with TV blaring the game at the bar, regulars bellied up with beer and food, a friendly doggie greeter at the door and the... Continue Reading →

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