urban farming

The Big Green Beast

It's been over a month since my last confession post, and much has happened: tilled corner of back yard for garden stripped 12 layers of paint from front porch and repainted helped launch the Forest Park Community Garden planted my... Continue Reading →

Progress. In reverse.

Below are shots of a large part of the back yard showing progress during the month of June, most recent at the top so you don't have to wait. You may recall, we had to eliminate a giant weed forest... Continue Reading →

Double, double till and trouble.

I'm going to make this short on words and mostly pics because I'm actually, short of words right now. Knees aching, back aching, zits on my forehead from wearing a hat two days in a row, dirt under my nails... Continue Reading →

Just when there seems to be a glimmer of light…

...something else happens, as in, MORE ANTS! But first, let's focus on the positive, because I need to. Both huge deck planters are finally up and secure and the 'first portion' of the rotting wood on the deck has been repaired.... Continue Reading →

This vegan’s attempt to eat ‘off the food grid’.

Yep, this year, I'm back to my old ways and preparing to garden with a vengeance. My goal? To grow and store all the veggies I'll need to survive until Spring of 2010 without shopping at Whole Paycheck. Save money,... Continue Reading →

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