What does a vegan want for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries? Other than to not be hassled by drunken meat-eating relatives intent on calling you a hypocrite because you eat seitan which happens to look like chicken?

I thought I’d put together a list of my own vegan desires and that maybe it would help your family come up with gifty ideas for you on your next b-day or whatever. Also, if you see my DH, please tell him about this post. ;-]

A Vegan’s Wish List

The rest is truly wish list, not absolutely critical like the items above. ;-]

  • More counter top space in the kitchen, maybe by building a shelf for the microwave? And storage cabinets above the fridge?
  • My Sweet Vegan Cookbook
  • A bigass crock pot with programmable timers and crock insert for easy cleaning (thank you John!! for giving me your unused bigass crockpot!!)
  • A Breville or a Blendtec SCORE!
  • A cast iron skillet, deep and of regular size, not overly large nor small
  • One each of the two pitchers on this page
  • Cast iron dutch oven with lid
  • Twinkie kit from ebay
  • Cup-a-Cake
  • 1 To-Go Ware Tiffen with newsprint utensil set
  • KitchenAid® Artisan Series Stand Mixer
  • An amazing pair of tongs that won’t break