Rusty Steel Garden Sculpture from Steel Heart Ltd.

Nothing is as cool as rusty metal, especially if it’s creepy. Steel Heart Ltd. offers some fabulous Halloween sculptures including spiderwebs, witches and pumpkins. These are so cool, I’d leave them in the yard year-round cuz I’m that crazy lady in my ‘hood. When other kids were carrying bugs home to mom, I was filling my pockets with rusty bits of trash. Yeah, I know I’m odd.

Yeah, crappy photo from under the IGC Show lights but you get the idea. They’ve got really cool witches, nuf said.
These pumpkins are not only cool but guaranteed to be distasteful to squirrels!
I think y’all know that I’m not a fairy princess sort and I especially never was a big Cinderella fan but I do really like the pumpkin carriage.
Imagine a wall of groovy and long-lasting sunflowers. No more worrying about sunflowers only facing East. Oh and the corn stalks are great for Halloween too!