No recipe tonight as it failed and I didn’t want to post something that I felt was icky.

BUT, I’ve done a comparison of 2 cameras I used to shoot Korean broccoli I ate at Dragonlady Lounge.

Sue at Dragonlady is one of the best Korean cooks around and she makes an awesome vegan buffet on Thursday nights. If you’re in Chicago on a Thursday, you simply have to try this place. It’s a dive bar, dark and barfly like but with great food. Sue’s snarky so I like her, of course. Tomorrow night is this month’s Vegan Chicago outing and we’re going to Dragonlady’s again and I’m so excited to see what’s on the buffet this time.

BUT, I digress.

Without further delay, below is some of Sue’s famous Korean broccoli. The first photo is shot with my iPhone 3GS. The second with a consumer model Canon Powershot. Very close in detail although the iPhone is a lower resolution. But when the photos are matched in dimension, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Click on the photos to see them larger. In fact, open them in side by side windows to see just how similar the iPhone is to the Canon.

iPhone 3GS
Canon Powershot A580

As long as you’re not shooting for large-scale enlargements or need to zoom, the iPhone does a nice job.