I’m going to go ahead and upload a few photos but all 47 will have to wait until I have more time. You’ll be able to click on each photo to enlarge if you want to see more detail.

Alice in Wonderland Exhibit:

One angle of the Alice in Wonderland exhibit. Love the planted fire place.

Another feature of Alice in Wonderland: blown glass mushrooms on rusty stems.

Now THAT'S a bush fit for a queen.

This would be great fun for pets and kids: a manmade moss-covered tunnel, also from Alice in Wonderland.

Not sure what giant moss-covered balls have to do with Alice in Wonderland but they provoked much discussion and laughter, as you can imagine.

Wicked Exhibit:

My absolute FAVORITE exhibit: Wicked! I just loved the dark purples and greens used throughout and that the ivy looked as though it was creeping everywhere!

Give me a Wicked crow any day! Love crows but too bad this one was covered in real feathers. I hate to think of the poor bird that gave up his life to have his feathers live on a fake bird.

Another shot of those creepy vines. You'll also notice that dark purple cabbages featured greatly through the show, not just at the Wicked theme garden.

Of course, what's a wicked garden without a pair of ruby slippers pinned under a recycled shipping crate.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like rusty metal things though I probably would not have used daisies.

Tablescapes Exhibits:

Tablescapes Exhibit: Little Shop of Horrors! Feed me Seymour!

Close up of the vittles on the table at Little Shop of Horrors.

Woodland theme centerpiece. Brings back memories of collecting moss in the woods as a kid when visiting my Aunt Sharon.

Elegant use of moss by The Golden Triangle.

Thank god I didn't have this level of birthday party crap when I was a kid. I surely would have grown up with a princess complex.

Tablescape themed after Hairspray. Todd, this one's for you!

Vendors and What Not:

I think y'all know I'm not a big fan of pink but you have to admit, this is the most unusual coloring for a petunia ever!

Kylee, these are the cool creepy heads I was twittering about. And I do kinda dig the gnome with just his hat, nose and beard showing above ground.

One of my favorite stores was the one with junk art for your garden. Very nifty rusty things!

Oddball display worthy of note: old theater seats with marigolds strewn about like spilled popcorn. Very clever.