DH and I went to the dollar store yesterday in an attempt to scoop up cheap Halloween goodies but alas! Very few Halloween themed candies were vegan. All the gummy brains, worms, eyeballs and other gross body parts had gelatin. All the chocolate was milk chocolate. And they threw whey into everything else for good measure.

But I did score some non-candy goodies, some of which will help me make my own.

Wait, let’s back up. To get the following goodies, you need to find the nearest Dollar Tree store. That’s the store with the mostest. And everything really is a buck. (Deal’s also has an ok selection of Halloween goodies but not everything is truly a buck.)

Ok, here’s what I got in my treat bag:

  1. 1 silicon pumpkin ice cube tray, already tried it with chocolates and works fine for a buck
  2. 1 set of scary cookie cutters: witch’s hat, ghost, skull, 2 pumpkins and a bat
  3. lots of stickers to put all over DH’s bento lunches this month
  4. cool bottle stickers that label contents as Ye Olde Spider Venom and such
  5. Sour Dudes straws that appear to be the only gummy-like candy without gelatin
  6. Monstaz Pops, sugar suckers shaped like bloodshot eyeballs and skulls

I think as far as vegan Halloween candy goes, I’ll have to make my own. Here are my VeganMoFo Halloween plans:

  • cocoa sugar cookies in the shape of bats, coffins and tombstones
  • blood-filled cupcakes
  • marshmallow ghosts
  • green ectoplasm
  • creepy cockroaches

If I can figure out how to pull these off, I’ll post photos and the recipes.

But for now, tomorrow’s vegan bento lunches will be decorated for Halloween, and I’ll post photos. Maybe I’ll simmer some bloody entrails for DH’s lunch too! You can’t celebrate Halloween too early!

Now, I gotta go dig out my skull mug from the cupboard…